Truckload Freight

Our truckload freight services are available to large and small businesses. We offer our truckload shipping services through dry vans and auto drops to destinations throughout North America. We understand that time and reliability are critical needs for your business and we've designed our business model to support these needs.

We offer competitive truck freight rates on any shipping lane, helping you increase your profit potential on every truckload. Truckload shipping is one of the most efficient transport methods, and we understand that reducing your freight shipping costs can drastically affect your bottom line. Time is money. Call us today for a no hassle quote on our truckload shipping.

Dedicated Fleet Service

Our dedicated fleet service is like having your own in-house trucking fleet without the liability and expense of maintain a fleet of trucks. With a dedicated transport shipping services from MXT, you can avoid complex logistics problems, rising costs of transportation equipment, and be flexible to scale your fleet based on your current shipping needs.

We can dedicate a single driver to your company or provide an entire fleet of trucks of all sizes to meet all of your dedicated shipping needs. No matter the size of the shipment, truckload or partial truckload, you can rest assured that our dedicated transport and shipping services will safely deliver your shipment on-time.

Expedited Fleet Service

Let our fleet provide you with exceptional expedited freight services. Our teams can deliver unprecedented expedited freight services without interruption or delay. We understand the sense of urgency that is needed when handling JUST IN TIME freight. In fact, our staff has averaged over 99% with on-time deliveries for the last three years in a row. Let our fleet provide you with the exceptional expedited freight services that our current customers depend on every day.

With MXT as your expedited freight carrier, you can be sure that your freight will be handled with the utmost care and respect. Our team of shipping experts will ensure the safety of your items and our top-notch customer service staff can help you track your shipment at anytime. MXT is the premier expedited freight carrier – let us assist you with your shipping needs today!

Hot Shot Deliveries

Getting something from Point A to Point B – quickly, affordable, and safely. We do it better than anyone. Whether you have a few boxes or an entire full load, whether you’re sending belongings across the country or across town, we have the right people at the right price.  We are family owned, fully insured, and offer a host of services that will take care of your transportation needs.

And Much More!